Turmeric Stain Remover

Effective remover of turmeric stains from all fabrics used in Textile Industry and Laundry cleaning

Betadiene Stain Remover

Powerful stain remover for Povidone Iodine Stains

   Blood Stain Remover

Specially formulated to treat blood stained fabrics in Hospitals

        Stain Remover

Premium grade stain remover for all types of fabrics



       Fabric Sanitizer

Specially formulated fabric sanitiser for commercial use

      Alkali Neutralizer

Concentrated alkali and chlorine neutralizer which neutralizer the alkaline medium

      Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergent cum emulsifier applied on the fabrics to boost the cleaning properties

     Laundry Softener

Concentrated softener for all types of fabrics with pleasing fragrance

      Fabric Destainer

A liquid destaining additive for use on heavily stained fabrics

         Alkali Booster

Concentrated alkali booster used in combination wide LAN 2NI



Detergent Powder 1

High performance premium grade detergent powder

Detergent Powder 2

Regular grade detergent powder for a wide range of application in household